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SAMOT Ragusa Onlus is a no-profit organization operating in Sicily since 1994 in the field of palliative home care. We offer home palliative care and support to patients with advanced disease (cancer, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease) and to their families. We also carry out research in the field of quality of life and palliative care. Every year we assist more than 4,500 users, providing over 250,000 services by multidisciplinary teams including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, social and health workers. We have three operations centers, in Ragusa, Siracusa e Trapani, active 24/7. Furthermore, we provide blood transfusions and PICC/Midline catheters implants at home. We have met the requirements for quality certification ISO9001-2015 and today we have about 50 employees and over 150 professional collaborators operating.

Palliative care

From the Latin ‘pallium’, meaning mantle, protection, palliative care is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “an approach that improves the quality of life of patients (adults and children) and their families who are facing problems associated with life-threatening illness. It prevents and relieves suffering through the early identification, correct assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, whether physical, psychosocial or spiritual”.
Pain therapy and palliative care aim to help patients and their families to face the illness with greater awareness and acceptance, while also taking responsibility for communication and relational needs, and family and interpersonal dynamics.
The palliative approach does not change the outcome of the illness, but rather works on the course of the disease, making it more acceptable from a physical, psychological and spiritual point of view.
For this purpose, when possible, palliative care consists of treatments at home to keep patients within their own daily and familiar environment and thus avoid the frustration and sense of detachment and abandonment typical of the hospital stay.
In Italy, the access to palliative care and pain therapy is guaranteed by Law 38/2010 concerning “Disposizioni per garantire l’accesso alle cure palliative e alla terapia del dolore” (Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 65 of 19 March 2010).

Our participations:

  • Accreditation from the National Health System
  • Registration at the Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Registration at the Anagrafe Unica delle Onlus (Register of Non-Profit Organisations)
  • Registration at the Registro delle Associazioni di Solidarietà Familiare (Register of the Family Solidarity Associations)
  • Participation in the FEDCP (Italian Federation of Palliative Care)
  • Participation in the SICP (Italian Society of Palliative Care)
  • Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Our activity consists of supplying, free of charge and with no age and/or income requirements, home health care services to take care of patients and their families. Our services are carried out by multidisciplinary local teams, consisting of palliative physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, health care workers, dieticians, speech therapists, spiritual assistants and volunteers.


Through overall therapy and continuous assistance at the patients’ own homes, home palliative care is aimed at making disease easier to accept from both patients and their families. Our teams help patients and relatives cope with communication and relation needs, as well as familiar and interpersonal dynamics. The service is provided by palliative physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, health care workers, dieticians, speech therapists, spiritual assistants and volunteers who guarantee the assistance patients and their families need.

Home palliative care includes:

– Medical, nursing and rehabilitation care, managed by our multidisciplinary teams in order to supervise disease’s symptoms and alleviate pain.

– Psychological assistance to patients and their families, to cope better with the disease and its course and accept the reality of death.

– Social care, to help patients keep their daily routine and make easier social and home activities without affecting relatives’ work commitments, including hygiene and personal care, food preparation, cleaning, administrative formalities.

– Spiritual assistance, to accompany patients on their path to a dignified death from a spiritual and emotional perspective.

– Support in the grief, to help relatives after the death of a loved one.

Home palliative care services are free of charge, with no age and/or income requirements.

Application: Home palliative care services can be proposed by

– Family doctors (Medici di Medicina Generale – MMG)

– Paediatricians (Pediatri di Libera Scelta – PLS)

– Hospital wards (Reparti ospedalieri)

– Rehabilitation institutes

– Relatives

– Hospices

Service: Once the service has started, our staff contact the patient’s family to schedule the first home visit conducted by the doctor and the nurse, and to define the therapeutic plan together with the family doctor or the paediatrician. The patient is assisted by the local multidisciplinary team, which is coordinated by our operation centre. In addition to the service provided at the patient’s home, the palliative care team meets weekly in the presence of our Responsible Physician and Supervising Psychologist, to evaluate and analyse the conditions of patients in charge and the quality of the assistance provided, elaborating individual treatments.


SAMOT Ragusa, in agreement with the Service of Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine of the Local Health Authority (Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale), offers a home transfusion service to bedridden and non-ambulatory patients who need transfusion therapy, prescribed by the family doctor. The service is scheduled and non-urgent, and is provided within 72 hours from the request.

Application: In order to access home transfusion services, family doctors/paediatricians have to fill the prescribed forms (link to the page) and apply to the Multidisciplinary Assessment Unit of each local Health District.

The Multidisciplinary Assessment Unit takes charge of the request and transmits it to the association chosen by the patient or his/her family. Once the request is received, our staff contact the patient and/or his/her family to start the service.


Grief support is a fundamental part of our job.

It is important to learn how to cope with the death of a loved one, finding ways to keep his memory alive.

This is a crucial step in bereavement, requiring courage, time, energy, patience and, often, professional support. After a loss, you may feel the need for a personal space to express your feelings, to tell your story and to be listened to: having support in terms of comprehension and listening makes it easier to get through this difficult phase of life.

Our Association offers relatives individual psychological support and/or participation in support groups. In particular, we provide:

Psychological support service: individual psychological support

Grief counselling service: referral to active self-help groups in Ragusa, Siracusa and Trapani

Direct intervention: our team’s direct intervention where the loss occurred, to support relatives after the death of the patient.


PICC/Midline catheters implants at home


You can schedule an acceptance and information meeting from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

For more information, you can contact our operation centres:

– Ragusa: 0932.227901

– Siracusa: 0931.759822

– Trapani: 0923.593571

In any case, you can ask for information and forms from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, and Saturday, between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm, at our operation centres.


Scientific research is an integral part of SAMOT Ragusa’s activities.

Research is carried out by our professionals, coordinated by the Responsible Physician and Supervising Psychologist, and with the collaboration of national and international research institutes.

Our professionals cooperate to guarantee the excellence of daily services, by integrating home health care services with the most modern scientific evidence.

SAMOT Ragusa actively participates in national and international initiatives promoted by scientific organisations (Italian Society of Palliative Care, SICP; European Association for Palliative Care, EAPC; Cicely Saunders Institute for Palliative Care, King’s College London) to help continuous updating and comparisons among professionals.


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