Grief support service

Grief support is a fundamental part of our job.
It is important to learn how to cope with the death of a loved one, finding ways to keep his memory alive.

This is a crucial step in bereavement, requiring courage, time, energy, patience and, often, professional support. After a loss, you may feel the need for a personal space to express your feelings, to tell your story and to be listened to: having support in terms of comprehension and listening makes it easier to get through this difficult phase of life.

Our Association offers relatives individual psychological support and/or participation in support groups.

In particular, we provide:

Psychological support service

Individual psychological support

Grief counselling service

Referral to active self-help groups in Ragusa, Siracusa and Trapani

Direct intervention

Our team’s direct intervention where the loss occurred, to support relatives after the death of the patient

How to request and access grief support services

This service can be requested contacting our psychologists through the local operation centre:


Via Mariano Rumor 10
Tel. 0932.227901


Viale Santa Panagia 141, scala E
Tel. 0931.759822


Via Orti 118
Tel. 0923.593571